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Athletic Health Sports Massage

Prepare your body for peak performance.

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About Athletic Health Sports Massage

Since 2013, Athletic Health envisions a sports landscape free from muscle injuries. We champion muscle health through the transformative practices of sports massage and targeted stretching.


Join us in fostering a community where every athlete thrives, protected from injuries, and empowered by the benefits of our dedicated approach to muscle well-being.

Our Sessions

Discover our

Wall of Fame

Embark on a journey through our Wall of Fame and explore the stories of sporting superstars who have experienced the transformative touch of Athletic Health Sports Massage.


Discover how these athletes have elevated their performance and embraced the pinnacle of muscle well-being.


Join the ranks of champions who trust in our expertise.

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Do you need sports massage?

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Maximize your athletic journey with elite sports massage. Experience accelerated muscle recovery, injury prevention, and peak performance optimization.


Our tailored sessions redefine training, promoting comprehensive wellness.


Unleash your potential and elevate your sports performance with the transformative benefits of sports massage. Your competitive edge starts here.

Medical Benefits

Unlock the power of sports massage, a proven method for releasing muscle tension, enhancing circulation, and expediting the removal of waste products like lactic acid during high-intensity activities.


Experience ultimate relaxation, promote faster recovery, and diminish the risk of muscle injury. Elevate your performance with the rejuvenating benefits of sports massage.

Leg Injury
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Elevate your body's condition with sports massage—an essential practice to prevent injuries, maintain mobility, and restore injured muscle tissue. Boost performance, extend your sporting career's longevity, and experience the holistic benefits that come with a proactive approach to athletic well-being.


Keep your body in prime condition for enduring success.

Thomas Tiedemann, Pta

"Great sports massage. Pieter really knows what he is doing. He finds the trigger points, and while it may temporarily be painful :-), it will improve your recovery and enable you to continue to train with ambition. Highly recommended!"

Tisha Meiboom, Pta

"I have booked quite a few sessions with Pieter and my experience was really great. He is very professional, he makes you feel comfortable and respected. After my second session my sore muscles were gone and I felt great!"

Stedman Gans, Pta

"I love working with Athletic Health Sport Massage. I honestly enjoy the convenience of them coming to you. The massages are great and they’ve really helped me get rid of stiff muscles over the past season. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is serious about recovery!"

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